W e l c o m e !

Where do I start? … hmmm….Hi. The name’s Tierra (or Sanji (you know who you are)) Okay well I started my locs roughly 6 years ago and its been a journey let me tell ya. Yes, I wanted to cut them all off, 1 or 2 times out of frustration but like many other bad hair days, it just takes patience and love. I simply wanted to create a space to freely express any advice I wish I had when I embarked on this journey, as well as any tips/advice I have been given. I also hope to share some stories from others. Feel free to comment or ask questions. Either way, its a BIG commitment and if you’re ready, go for it! Even so, mi casa es su casa…or blog. I thank my friends and family for helping me start up this little project.💜

First, I’ll share a little about myself ↦Graduated with a M.S in Mental Health Counseling! So that makes me an official advocate for mental health yes. Ben & Jerrys #1 fan. I have a healthy Rubberduck obsession (you”ll see). I sing at church, in the car, and in the shower. & I LOVE my hair. Boom.

Second, let me address the title of my blog “ Yes, I wash my hair”. I chose this title because first and foremost, I wash my hair! I think many can agree that there is a dreadlock or loc stigma. The main misconception is the hygiene. I can’t count on my fingers how many times someone has asked me if I wash it. I was actually surprised at how many human specimens believed such rubbish or at least entertained it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are people out there who just don’t give a hoot and don’t wash their hair but it doesn’t mean they have dreadlocks. If you ain’t washing your hair, you ain’t washing it. Just like people who don’t brush their teeth ( y’all nasty), I wouldn’t confine it to one group. Being of mixed ethnicity my hair has always been sort of 2- sided. I have finer hair near my neck and ears but thickness in the middle with frizz in the front and overall plenty of curls. Just a lot going on. But when I decided to loc my hair, I just knew it would take over a year to loc, surprisingly with the help of a loctician and my god sister it was nourished and loc’d up in about a year the most. I was so happy. Despite the questions of “are you locking your hair…” or “ can you wash it…” or the other popular one , ” you can take it out right ?” I persevered. I think thats the first test of patience when on your journey. Then comes the infamous “ ugly duckling” stage. This stage was pretty rough, all i wanted was long luxurious locs and lacked the confidence to rock it any other way. So i wore head wraps. and more head wraps. Just Erykah Badu all day err day. I enjoyed it but I still wanted to let my locs breathe more. I was keeping them stored away, but then its like whats the point ? Confidence is key, healthy hair is second. As I post along the way, I invite you on this journey with me.


17 thoughts on “W e l c o m e !

  1. So happy and proud you are sharing your magical-ness with the world!
    Love that your beautiful personality and unmatched positivity is beaming and bouncing off your words and smacking us all in the face!!!!!!! Lol!
    Keep it coming I’ll be watching/reading!!!!
    Love you
    – The God Sister

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  2. Your girl Ngan shared your blog with me, and I’m in love with your locs! I need all your tips! I just past a year, and I’m super frustrated with my tangling roots!!!

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    1. Thank you for checking it out! And thanks! it was a long time coming. I will give ALL my tips …I’d love to know more about your hair because I have soft curly hair and my roots get tangled as well. I noticed that when i keep washing it and dont retwist or finger comb it through it gets tangled. My roots are pretty fine.


      1. I have very small spiral curls. If you type, 4a and a little 3c. My texture is fine as well. I haven’t retwisted in a long time now, but I try to let the conditioner sit a bit so I can loosen the tangles. I’m trying not to rip my roots out!

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      2. I honestly dont use conditioner when washing my hair. For moisture i use oils like vitamin E and sweet almond oil. I even use something called natures blessings pomade. I stopped using conditioner since starting my locs because my hair is so soft. I only used peppermint soap and then moisturize thoroughly. Letting your hair breathe is fine but make sure you comb through it to untangle the roots. I find when I dont do that i end up having to rip apart my roots because they stick together


      3. Well not with a comb comb lol i mean finger comb like literally with your fingers to take out tangles. I just do that occasionally and go through roots to make sure none mat together


      4. Lol! I’m way too literal sometimes. What do you wash with because I use Dr. Bronners, but it would be too drying i think of i didn’t condition after. I also follow with their citrus rinse before conditioning. Do u just oil the roots? How much do you use?


      5. Haha! I like dr bronners peppermint because it cleans my scalp well but you could also try their other scents like lavender or maybe another brand thats organic with no alcohol. I usually oil my scalp and roots the most. Like a palm full because i struggle with dry scalp even before my locs. I also oil my locs as well. Im loving the sweet almond oil so far mixed with tea tree but i know tea tree may be drying for some.


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