Does your towel matter?? Uh..YES!


2017-03-18 12.46.22 1.jpg

So pretty much anyone with hair knows that towels are very capable of shedding. Particularly, those with locs. I tried to use one of those hair wraps that supposedly make it easier to dry your hair and it was an epic fail. White fuzz all over my newly washed hair. I also find it burdensome because I don’t use the same towel to dry my hair and my body so I always need 2 (annoying). Upon researching some possible alternatives to regular towels, I discovered that Microfiber towels may be the best bet when it comes to drying your hair. It doesn’t shed and it’s super soft and lightweight. I checked Amazon (because Amazon is life) and Bam. I found these DrySnugs Microfiber towels with carry pouches by TravelSnugs. I don’t know about you but I always like to pack a towel when I travel.  the price was great and what is super cool about these is that it dries quickly and comes in 2 different sizes: Lg & Med

  •  30″ x 60″
  • 24″x 48″

It also comes with a HANGING LOOP , as shown in the image above because if that towel falls off one more time…

These are also 80% Polyester (in case you were wondering)

As a result: Since it was wash day, I decided to try the Large towel, because my head is large of course and I must say It’s soooo much better than my regular towel. If you suffer  from occasional attacks of fuzz balls, try it!


castoroilgel-BlogAs I’ve mentioned before I’ve been experimenting with hair products. I used this product for my roots and edges and I like it thus far. It doesn’t flake and it isn’t messy. One thing to make sure of is that your hands aren’t wet or have oil on them because the edge gel won’t stick properly and will just fall off your fingers. Otherwise I think it’s great so far and I’ve had good experiences with Kuza products. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is great for moisturizing the scalp and hair growth.  I also like that it’s diffused with Coconut Oil 🙂


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