“If it’s not FUN , why do it?”


It’s Free Cone Day people!

Soo I’m a HUGE Ben and Jerry’s guru. I say guru because fan sounds mediocre and I don’t think it does my love for this ice cream justice. Unfortunately I can not partake on this day due to my counting of calories and overall body goals I have set for myself # shmexy . However, I will without a doubt partake on my cheat day which is usually Sunday funday.

Fun memory! I remember visiting the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory located in Vermont twice…..yes….twice. I think that’s perfectly healthy and I am not ashamed. I saw how the ice cream was made and got to try a new flavor in the making. It was Chia flavor and I’m still waiting on its production to hit stores…..

I even saw their famous flavor cemetery and enjoyed several scoops of multiple flavors at the factory. Nevertheless, Vermont is a lovely place to visit especially during the autumn season and the foliage is unforgettable. If you have not already done so , please visit! It’s about a 6-hr drive from New York.  If you love road trips like I do , it’ll be a nice trip with all those green pastures, farm houses and random pig sales (which I’m almost tempted to stop for because I really want a pet pig….I guess that’s another blog post waiting to happen). I love so many flavors of Ben and Jerry’s and I even go on the flavor locator to locate new flavors. My favorite new flavors are currently Oat of this Swirled and Chocolate Cherry Garcia. These flavors are what I like to call 2-day flavors. This is when you eat half the pint one day and the other half the next. Now if you are a monster like me, you will eat a pint in one sitting so in order to prevent that , get yourself an awesome bowl ( I have a cow bowl that I , yes, got form the factory). Scoop that half that sucker in the bowl and save for the next day. One day flavors may consist of flavors like -Chocolate Therapy  which is perfect for the pre-menstrual cycle, it’s a chocolate dream. If you’re craving chocolate this is the go-to.

I know this is a hair blog but I wanted to share a little more of my interests with you and hope to share much more along the way when on this hair journey.  I’m not sure who else would do a photoshoot with Ben & Jerry pints and clothing, buttttt I am looking forward to another shoot with many more sweet flavors ! Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite flavor and just how sweet it is to you. 🙂


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