Little lessons, More ideas & A lot of insight


Sometimes I forget I am supposed to actually share my opinion and my own perspectives on this blog haha. I forget that this is the space to shed light, spread inspiration and hopefully receive it too. When life is happening and we are going through the motions of existing we forget to live, learn, & create!

I had a super insightful conversation today with a lovely young women who has super duper crazy skills with the camera. I hope to someday do a photoshoot and interview with her! She has been natural for 10 years and still going. That’s kind of a Big Freakin Deal (BFD). If you have natural hair of any kind, you knowww the struggle and frustrations. She wanted advice about starting locs and of course I am all for it! What was cool is that she has the same similar hair texture as me so it was nice to be related to in that sense. Talking with her brought up some very important details about my own hair journey. For one, how the stigma affected me. A lot of my family members, and some acquaintances looked at me side ways and a cousin even asked ” Do you wash your hair”, and so it began. I had a lot of ups and downs concerning the amount of confidence I portrayed or felt within me. I feel like these past few years have been filled with battles of confidence, lessons, and an overall appreciation of how far I’ve come when it comes to my hair. Despite the numerous questions of hair hygiene and if they are even loc’d or could I just unravel them, I’ve come a long way. In talking with someone who wants to start a new journey with locs, I realized that I wish I had the guts to even inquire as much as I can before I started and while I endured my own awkward phase and constant stigmatization. I was so thankful for the few people who said my hair was unique and that it’s only going to get better, and mature into something even more beautiful. One issue I had was the sides of my hair which was extremely soft and gave me a hard time locking. So I went to a loctician in Brooklyn, New York. (She was a life saver) and she actually interlocked the sides so that they wont unravel. From then on, they stayed in tact! I had never heard of a such a thing but I learned a lot from her. She even told me that it was nonsense that I was told to use cotton only headscarves to sleep with since I have soft hair and it’ll make my hair dryer thus loc’ing faster. In fact, she told me that silk or satin was best because it will retain the moisture, because no matter how soft my hair is , dry hair is never ok. When going natural you will hear so many opinions and “advice” but just like any other thing we are interested in or have a passion for, we do our research. I took some information I received, processed it, and then proceeded. Sometimes I would just jump in when I’m told because I figured hey, they know best..they have locs….blah blah.  But in fact, they might not. Which is okay because all hair is different and we need to find what works best for us, just like anything else. Embrace the journey!

Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.
 – Bruce Lee

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