Accessorize !


I’ve always enjoyed wearing hair accessories. Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed putting things in my hair. This of course included a flower I would pick off the ground and the occasional leaf that wanted to come home with me. Loc accessories are especially cool because you don’t have to have locs to wear them. From cowry shells, to gold/silver cuff clips to other accessories like crosses.  I love seeing cuffs on braids or twists, or any natural hair style. Add an accessory or accessories and it will definitely spruce up a minimal outfit.  I also have a pair of eye ball hair clips which are really weird and grim and absolutely awesome. Accessories can be taken out and put on whenever, switched out for different occasions and worn so many different ways. Lately, I haven’t been wearing any hair accessories, I guess with just the business of school and my internship I just wanna get dressed these days and go. Butttt I recently bought some fabric hair cuffs. I wanted one loc to have a bunch of fabric hair cuffs so it sticks out amongst the rest. I went right on Amazon (because Amazon is life) and ordered some to try out. I ended up LOVING them. So cute and lots of different patterns * do the running man*. These can be used on any type of hair , not just locs! I have purchased accessories on and Etsy is one of my favorites to get handmade and unique products for your hair. I’ve purchased a set of 20 cuff clips and put them all over my locs , it’s fun and easy to put on and can use in any way you desire. Have fun and embrace the journey!

::::::A post on Headwraps/scarves coming soon! ::::::::: 

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Below are the pics of what I’ve used on my hair 


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