Fight that dry scalp!


So I struggle with dry scalp. It sucks. The evil and unattractive dry scalp. I remember using head and shoulders when I was younger and now I’m just like WHY WOULD I USE THAT??  Now that I’m older, I’ve discovered waaaaaay more natural products to use for dry scalp, one that doesn’t strip the natural oils from your scalp. I’ve been using my handy dandy tea tree oil ( previously posted throughout the blog). While tea tree does the job, I wanted to experiment with more oils, or less potent oils that won’t have such a potent smell every time I wash my hair. I use one brand of tea tree oil that I’ve stuck with for over a year now after experimenting with different brands. Yes, different brands have different smells. I recently purchased sweet almond oil and vitamin E oil that is supposed to be healthy for hair, skin, and nails. So far so good! I rub it on my scalp right after thoroughly washing with Dr.Bronner’s Peppermint Soap. I also plan to re-apply throughout the week to really see the results and how my scalp feels before my next wash. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I’m really into letting my hair be these days. Update: still loving it! Attached are pictures of the new squad! I purchased all oils on Amazon, I find that most of what I’m looking for is less expensive than in stores. Always be sure to check the fluid oz and compare prices.  Attached are the exact brand names I use for the Sweet Almond oil and the Vitamin E oil. Enjoy! Let me know how it turns out!










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