North Cacka Lacky


Hiya! So I’m late posting this but I recently got back from Jacksonville  North Carolina and yes I did eat well 😁…took me back to my freshman college days when I gained 7+ lbs…..

Why doesn’t the North East have a Missions bbq joint? I also had no idea there were soo many islands along the coast of N.C! You take a ferry ride to an island, walk to the beach and bam. You’re relaxing on cool, CLEAN sand and enjoying warm water. I had a great few days and hope to go back to explore more soon enough. That being said, since this is technically a hair blog… I am still enjoying letting my hair be and the amount of stress I usually have with keeping my hair prim and proper has decreased tremendously. Even through 4th of July sweat and salt water rinses from the beach. Anytime before last summer I would definitely NOT be ok with just rinsing my hair and letting it air dry how it wants. I think I’ve come a long way. Partly due to getting older, building my confidence and self appreciation. Learning how to feel most comfortable in my skin..and hair!

Oh! Also I finally spelled  out love or at least tried my best with sparklers. I always see it on Pinterest in like perfect script or writing but man it’s harder than it looks people! Can’t wait for more adventures!




Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I am not photogenic but my mate takes dope pictures so I run with it . I wish I had dozens of overalls. New investment?



One thought on “North Cacka Lacky

  1. Dear Tierra

    YOU ARE NOT PHOTOGENIC???? REALLY??? MY JAW LITERALLY DROPPED!!! I’m even too scared to say the words beautiful cause I don’t wanna sound creepy. OH MY GOSH! Don’t ever say you ain’t photogenic! You are extremely beautiful. You are the type that makes guys heads turn, your beauty makes people cry. WOW! I just started reading your blog today and I love it. I will share it on mine soon enough.

    With love…
    All the way from Africa.


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