Trip to Magic Gardens!


This past weekend I visited West and Central Philadelphia once again for a top secret reason (hint: it’s an annual thang and involves a significant person). Philly is always an enjoyable experience and I was so proud that my hair stayed in tact all the while :). The weather said it was going to be 80 degrees and partly cloudy, it felt like 90+ and not a cloud in the sky! ( what’s the point of weather apps?) Let’s just take a chance when we walk outside sheesh.

Visiting magic gardens was super fun, seeing more than a decade of art beautifully and intricately done was memorable. I’ve always been into mosaic art but lately it’s just been popping up everywhere I turn. I even found a mosaic vase at a yard sale and ended up buying it for $1! – #winning, pretty sure that’s where it started. I hope I find more!  The ground, the high walls, the stairs, everything was mosaic in the gardens. I highly suggest visiting Magic Gardens if you’re ever in central Philly, ( and buying tickets online) it’s cheap and something fun to do and be in awe of while visiting. Summer isn’t over yet! Plus they also have tours during non summer months.



I have some cool pics I hope you enjoy! Shout out to my personal photographer, he hasn’t accepted that title as of yet. BTW I’m still using aloe vera gel to re-twist my hair, peppermint soap to wash, tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, and sweet almond oil to keep my scalp and locs moisturized and healthy. This time around I put little Jasmine flowers in my hair. No, that’s not just some stuff from a tree that fell onto my bun 🙂



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FYI: I got rid of the mango pomade and edge gel thus far I haven’t needed it. In the meantime I’m on the lookout for a more natural edge gel. Stay tuned!


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