31 days frenzy + Crocheted Hat!


I’ve been consistent with posting on my Instagram yay!. On my actual blog….not so much.

However, here I am updating! I’ve been really into crocheting these past few months. I wanted to learn many years ago thanks to my aunt who is a beast at crocheting. She used to make me scarves, hats, pillows. I thought it was such a beautiful craft. After many years of “I’ll learn one day” I finally learned during a snow day, and guess what? My aunt was snowed in with me! Thank you Lord 🙂 Sooo she taught me and man…my fingers cramped up. I was so excited it didn’t matter I just wanted to learn and get better. I started with single stitch and now I’m learning double stitch. I made a couple of scarves, and two hats! One of them being this 10 gallon fisherman beanie looking hat. When hats don’t seem to fit, make your own ! Mine happens to be so large for my large head…or hair…I’l say hair. I’m loving it, so warm and soft.

Check it outtt


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