I did some spring cleaning on this blog…. Deleted posts I no longer felt relevant and I’m gonna start changing my flow up. * BEE READYY! *

I had a GREAT conversation with a young fellow about his locs. One thing I really love about having locs is that you can come across anyone else with locs and immediately embark on a longggg conversation just sharing the journey and experience. It’s so cool! His journey has been about a year long and I shared that I was a little past 7 years of growing. I became quite jealous after he told me his routine of steaming and actually using 0 products! Yes zero. I was still honored he asked about the coloring of my hair (which is natural by the way, after all the hair dye and bleach, I’v left it alone for over 3 years now and it lightened naturally) I suggested maybe using lemon on the tips and leaving it on since I’ve heard that works. —-If  you have any other suggestions I’d love to know! leave em in the comments—- But back to being jelly, I explained to him that it is so great that he embraces his locs in the process and that he uses minimal if any products all while still keeping his moisture and strength in his locs. He did ask me advice on moisturizing besides steaming and  suggested my handy dandy tea tree for my dry scalp and my trustworthy Sweet almond oil. I have sooooo much build up in my hair and every time I’m picking my hair like a monkey, it just reminds me of my past hair mistakes, especially when I started re-twisting myself. I get so upset with myself for not being as confident and letting my hair be free more. Free with frizz and not being so regimented with my wash days. I would have used a lot less product and realized that only the roots need the re-twisting. How ignorant of me! Talking with someone a little younger than me with newer locs was a harsh reality for my own hair but also really cool to see the progression of  the caring of natural hair. Unfortunately, as I told him, 7 years ago, natural hair wasn’t really a “thing”. It should never have not been, to me it should just be literally what is natural to us all. Taking care of it but also having fun with it. Bald to locs, being free. Nowadays younger people can grow up using more natural products and being frizzy or “untamed ” and it’s acceptable. In fact, it’s seen as beautiful … and I think that’s beautiful. All in all, I’ve been learning so much, but sometimes when I learn theres a feeling of regret that comes with it. The regret of using waaaay too much product and applying unnecessary heat. LESSON LEARNED! All I can do now is keep showing my hair the proper care and keep learning new things. I enjoyed that talk today. More to come!


Side note: I will be purchasing a steamer on amazon to try out. Let’s see how it goes!




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