31 days frenzy + Crocheted Hat!


I’ve been consistent with posting on my Instagram yay!. On my actual blog….not so much.

However, here I am updating! I’ve been really into crocheting these past few months. I wanted to learn many years ago thanks to my aunt who is a beast at crocheting. She used to make me scarves, hats, pillows. I thought it was such a beautiful craft. After many years of “I’ll learn one day” I finally learned during a snow day, and guess what? My aunt was snowed in with me! Thank you Lord 🙂 Sooo she taught me and man…my fingers cramped up. I was so excited it didn’t matter I just wanted to learn and get better. I started with single stitch and now I’m learning double stitch. I made a couple of scarves, and two hats! One of them being this 10 gallon fisherman beanie looking hat. When hats don’t seem to fit, make your own ! Mine happens to be so large for my large head…or hair…I’l say hair. I’m loving it, so warm and soft.

Check it outtt


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31 Days of Hair!




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I totally made this scarf ya’ll! I’m very proud of my increasing crochet skills. I’m still an amateur though

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my mane- hear me ROAR

Of course I was supposed to post this December 1st….but….yeah.

It is now December ! Sitting here listening to Frank Sinatra Christmas music. I love the oldies. Soooo I decided to challenge myself this month to sharing and posting more by doing #31daysofhair because December has …31 days. Yes.  I thought I was being innovative, turns out it was already a thing on social media so…yeah.  Anyhoo, Its only day 4 and after a busy weekend, I thought this will be pretty easy. Here comes Monday and yikes. I like have to post and share anything about hair every. single. day. until the 31st. I definitely will be posting/sharing oldie pictures and finally a picture of my lovely satin bonnet! Yes I get excited about my bonnet. When you have dry scalp and lots of hair, bonnets are life. Keeps the hair secure and locks in the moisture overnight or whenever you may use it. I personally use mine every night as I don’t like my hair rubbing on my pillow. It really is a hair saver. I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. I almost forgot to mention its all satin and reversible! Like come onnnn. I  STRONGLY recommend for natural hair, dry scalp ,or dry hair. I recently used my flexi rods and cold wave rods for my locs this past week just to get some volume going in my hair. I especially love to put it to the side or as I have it in these pictures above (high ponytail) when I put loose curls.

                  31 days of hair! Follow along as I struggle to post 🙂 


*Above pictures are from Day 3 *


– Gingerbread Sugar Scrub- It’s Awescrubness!


It’s about that time of year for your skin to rebel and you’re looking at dried prunes instead of that glow you had during summer. I wish this was only temporary for me but unfortunately my skin rebels any time of year. However, I find with a nice sugar scrub at least my lips, body, and feet don’t need to suffer too.

If you love ginger like I do this scrub is indeed a friend. It’s a definite go to for dry skin especially helpful for lips, hands and feet. Now let me tell you I hardly measure anything with my scrubs as I probably should but hey it hasn’t done any harm yet so…yeah. It’s a totally preference based recipe and super quick to make, and fun to use! There are so many things you can add. I personally LOVE sweet almond oil as it moisturizes so well for my combination skin type. I added some to my scrub and I’m in love with the results. My lips are soft and have a slight glow due to the oils.


Ingredients you’ll need:

No measurements as this is a preference based recipe and totally flexible. Eye ball it! 

  • Brown sugar ( I prefer dark brown sugar for more of a coarse texture when I exfoliate, but light or dark will work) 
  •  Organic cane sugar 
  •  Organic ginger powder/seasoning
  •  Organic all spice  ( keep in mind you can also make your own all spice which is pretty much nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves) so if you don’t have that’s ok!)
  • Organic nutmeg powder/seasoning
  • Organic cinnamon powder/seasoning
  • Coconut oil (or any oil you prefer for your skin , it’s your scrub! )
    • I like to use coconut oil because it adds to that wonderful smell of a gingerbread cookie and also moisturizes well. This time I added sweet almond oil for more moisture for my skin.


  • Half cinnamon stick ( I like to add the stick when its in the jar so it can soak nicely for however long you use the scrub and will always smell like cinnamon. Yay!)


  • About a *4 oz * Mason jar or any container you please. I personally like mason jars as they are reusable,  easy to wash, and it just looks pretty ! 


1st note: Consistency is total preference as well, I made this scrub for a friend with sensitive skin as well as eczema so I used lighter brown sugar and a little more oil to get a less coarse consistency for sensitive exfoliation. You can use less oil to sugar ratio and you will get a drier consistency and you will see it more crystallized as opposed to a whipped look.

2nd Note: I also use only 4 oz so that I have just enough for about 3 weeks to a month. Then I can make another fresh batch. Because keep in mind the coconut oil may get old. ( I’m not sure if this is exactly true but I prefer my alternative fact ☺)

             * All ingredients should ideally be organic.

*If you would prefer measurements , leave a comment below 🙂 *




Wednesday Wash





Helloooo! It’s Wednesday wash day! I just made that up and it sounds grand. Yes? In my earlier posts I talked about using microfiber towels. I just want to emphasize how much I LOVE them for drying my locs. There’s no shedding and it’s a super quick dry !  You can also fold it up put it in the little bag it comes with and boom it’s travel size! [ see my earlier post on using the right towel]


I also briefly wanted to mention that I’ve been letting my unibrow blossom as it should! ☺  I mean really I’ve just always been self conscious about so many things that I’m just tired. The fuzz runs in my family and I’m proud to be hairy!  And really, quite frankly, sometimes the upkeep of the “perfect” eyebrows is overrated. Ok I’m done.